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TheShowStore platform (TSSconsists of 70 hubs which geographically cover the entire world. Within each hub consists of 20 major categories and 200 sub categories. Buyers can search our proprietary database with powerful  and advanced filters: By Keywords, Genres / Sub-Genres, Era, Themes, Names and artist based location.

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Shop directly on the platform for artists and attractions that meet your genre interest, theme and budget:

  • Buyers can contact us directly for quick bookings or additional information
  • Buyers can use our shopping platform to collect multiple artists, check out and receive artist proposals.
  • Free Concierge booking services. Buyers need only to contact us about their event and we will be happy to make recommendations and prepare a full digital presentation of artists selection for review.

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There is no cost to the buyer for TSS booking services which includes the contracting and administration of all terms and conditions of the artist services agreement.

If the buyer wishes TSS to administer the Artist's or Attraction's technical rider which could include the securing and administering of any stage, lighting, sound, video or instrument rental needs, this will be a separate negotiated fee.

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